Hands-on heritage l Red Cross

By ZENBER Architecten

Sofas with a high, sound-absorbing backrest at the Red Cross offices in the Hague are upholstered with the FEBRIK textile Apparel. They are designed by ZENBER Architecten and custom-made by eN-eN furniture makers.

The choice of Apparel softens the interior and supports ZENBER Architecten’s vision: a working environment that promotes teamwork, and underlines the international nature of the Red Cross.

Reflecting this, the interior draws inspiration from the ‘hands-on’ mentality of the Red Cross and the base camps which characterise its operations. Each floor has its own ‘base camp’ as a focal point, as well as multifunctional workspaces and a coffee corner.

Ingrid Heijne, ZENBER Architecten: “FEBRIK textiles offer high-end quality with great colours and structures.”

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