By Paola Sakr

For Paola Sakr, the Lebanese food that she grew up eating represented a means of bringing people together, and she wanted her contribution to Knit! to draw upon her Lebanese heritage.

Sundays is a selection of tableware items that offer an insight into rituals associated with the traditional Lebanese dining room – the hospitality, diversity, warmth and energy that Sakr saw as an essential element of her home. The collection contains a series of familiar objects executed in clay, a traditional material whose use is becoming increasingly rare in Lebanon.

To create her pottery forms, Sakr used an experimental making method that employs a range of Kvadrat Febrik textiles. Rather than developing traditional, rigid moulds, Sakr developed a series of textile moulds using Triangle, Mosaic 2, Apparel, Plecto, Uniform Melange, Sprinkles, Drop and Razzle Dazzle.

It is an intricate process that has to take into account the thickness and elasticity of each knitted fabric, and the ways in which it would react to heat. Once the pottery had been fired within these pouches, the scorched textile could be picked away to reveal a ghostly textured print and a supple shape formed by the mould. Through Sakr’s method, the knitted textiles are immortalised within the rigid form of the tabletop ceramic pieces.

Sundays makes play with a resemblance that Sakr detected between Kvadrat Febrik’s intricate knitted textile motifs and the patterned moulds that are frequently used in the preparation of various world cuisines. The white ceramic objects of Sundays are displayed on a round table that has been covered in Kvadrat Febrik Gentle 2 in royal blue – an installation hinting at the rich, sophisticated, traditional culture being shared.

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