Ofset Chair

By Ana Kraš

Multidisciplinary artist Ana Kraš has created Ofset Chair for Knit!. Ofset Chair sees six quadrilateral planes upholstered in an assortment of Kvadrat Febrik knitted textiles: Uniform Melange, Gentle 2, Mosaic and Sprinkles. Together, they form a design that plays with the typology of waiting room chairs – all overlapping facets and strict right angles. Textures and colours are contrasted with each other to achieve a complementary, harmonious effect that subtly recalls and updates the atmosphere of a waiting room.

Rather than showing off Ofset Chair’s upholstery in a traditional way, Kraš has covered all the seams and stitchings with frames. This way, the composition and feel of the individual textile becomes the focus of each frame, lending the knitted surface the quality of a painting. Furthermore, the linear patterns created by the frames connect Ofset Chair to Kraš’s wider practice, in which the line is a key motif.

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