Knit Together

By Malmö Upcycling Service

Malmö Upcycling Service (MUS) is a design collective that works entirely with offcuts and waste materials from local industries and manufacturers in southern Sweden.

Knit Together is a room divider made from thick ribbons of blue Razzle Dazzle textiles connecting Really Solid Textile Boards – a solid sheet material made by compressing end-of-life textiles. In keeping with MUS’s philosophy, the divider used only secondchoice textiles from the Kvadrat Febrik knitted textiles collection. The Really boards, which lend rigidity to Knit Together, are custom-made from densely compressed knitted fabrics.

The history of Malmö serves as inspiration for Knit Together. The southern Swedish city has a rich industrial heritage dating back some 300 years. In the past 30 years, large-scale manufacturing has mostly moved overseas, but Malmö’s urban environment retains signs of its industrial past. The city’s sawtooth roofs, red brick warehouses, and steel constructions have informed the concertinaed structure of Knit Together, as well as its reddish pink hue.

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