By Benja Harney

Surrealist eyes and lips adorn a tangled field of interlocking shapes in InterPersona, a playful landscape of abstracted characters designed by Benja Harney.

InterPersona makes full use of the range of colours and textures afforded by Kvadrat Febrik’s textiles, using them as upholstery for a range of jigsaw-like cardboard shapes.

Blurring Apparel, Sprinkles, Razzle Dazzle, Mosaic 2, Drop and Triangle textiles, the characters of InterPersona come to life in a vibrant field of forms that can be endlessly reconfigured.

Making use of the elasticity of Kvadrat Febrik textiles, as well as the dynamism generated by contrasting colours and textures, Harney’s InterPersona becomes a living cartoon – an installation rife with whimsy and character, and which embodies its creator’s belief in design as an essentially expressive, emotive medium.

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