If I had wings

By Zaven

A squirrel gliding from tree to tree; airplanes vaulting through the sky; an astronaut suspended against the vastness of space. In their contribution to Knit!, the Venice-based design practice Zaven drew on imagery that captures the allure of flight.

If I Had Wings is a series of utopian flight suits that take advantage of the dynamic stretching properties offered by knitted textiles, as well as their versatility in easily adapting to different bodies and interaction.

Formed from a panoply of Kvadrat Febrik’s Uniform Melange, Drop, Triangle, Plecto, Sprinkles, Mosaic 2 and Razzle Dazzle textiles, Zaven’s project explores an imagined role for knits in mediating interactions between the body and gravity.

If I Had Wings draw on influences from sports and safety equipment, construction materials, and more traditional upholstery techniques. Each suit includes individual accessories and details, creating a series of brilliantly coloured flying overalls with hooks, patches, zippers and cushions — a glimpse into a possible sci-fi utopia for the intended wearer.

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