By Ayzit Bostan

Long dresses, cropped hoodies, kimono coats and layered skirts: all of these items of clothing are reimagined in Kvadrat Febrik textiles for Ayzit Bostan’s Garment.

While work with fabrics and leather form part of Bostan’s day-to-day practice, Garment allowed her to explore textiles originally designed for a different application to that which she is used to. The flowing drape of Kvadrat Febrik’s textiles lent itself to the creation of unexpected volumes, allowing for the development of a mini-collection that pushed Bostan’s work out of the realm of expressiveness, and towards more architectural, voluminous forms.

Garment serves as an act of self-reflection – an opportunity to see the radical change that clothing undergoes when executed in a textile whose drapery and solidity differs to a conventional fashion textile. The garments are designed to be presented on rolls of fabric, as disembodied designs that defy the intended use of the pieces.

Meanwhile, the project highlights the softness and drapery of Kvadrat Febrik’s Plecto and Uniform Melange, while also expressing the potential of expanding their use into new areas of application.

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