Duct-Taped Blankets

By Studio Bertjan Pot

Typically, thick textiles make for thick hems. In the case of Studio Bertjan Pot’s Duct-Taped Blankets, however, an alternative was sought. Known for its focus on material research, Studio Bertjan Pot frequently pushes the boundaries of conventional manufacture and its contribution to Knit! is no exception.

Working with Kvadrat Febrik’s knitted Sprinkles textile (also designed by Studio Bertjan Pot), Duct-Taped Blankets was born out of a desire to find a new approach towards hemming. Inspired by the taped seams found in sportswear, the studio hemmed a series of blankets made from Sprinkles using coloured duct tape.

Low-tech and characterful, these taped hems are ironed into place, with pieces of that same tape melted into the body of the textile as a form of decoration. Blurring industrial plastic tape with a soft knitted textile, Duct-Taped Blankets blends the visual and tactile profiles of its two constituent materials.

Patchworks of vibrant plastic and dappled fabrics, Duct-Taped Blankets also highlights another quality of its material palette. Kvadrat Febrik textiles have the potential to age gracefully due to their capacity to be repaired and undergo ad-hoc customisation.

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