Dressed Up

By Marie Sloth Rousing

Dressed Up is a conceptual fashion project – an investigation into the barriers between clothing, objects, and bodies. Created by fashion designer Marie Sloth Rousing, Dressed Up proposes a new kind of wearable that combines the properties of a chair cover and a shirt, and which can be worn by objects and people alike.

Just as Transformable Wardrobe probed at society’s expectations of clothing through the inclusion of everyday objects such as umbrellas and roller blinds, so too is Dressed Up a provocation. It is testing the boundaries between the human body and objects, a reflection on our approach towards understanding and designing for these fields.

Sloth Rousing’s design uses Apparel and Drop Kvadrat Febrik textiles, which blur together to envelop both body and chair. As a result of the design, the garment’s pattern is one-and-a-half times bigger than those used for a traditional chair cover or shirt, meaning that Sloth Rousing selected fabrics with enough character and rigidity to support themselves and hold their form. Dressed Up employs textiles that are strongly associated with those typically used within furniture upholstery – an additional means of emphasising the design’s critique of common assumptions around objects and the body.

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