Doric Columns, Kinetic Object

By Objects of Common Interest

Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis are Objects of Common Interest, a studio that is interested in the intersection of art, design and architecture. The practice’s overarching work in installations and interactive immersive environments is distilled in its contribution to Knit! – Doric Columns, Kinetic Object.

Upon beginning the project, Petaloti and Trampoukis became interested in harnessing the capacity of knitted textiles to express three-dimensional shapes. Properly manipulated, the Kvadrat Febrik textiles’ form, weight, thickness and rigidity could be utilised to create physical objects.

Doric Columns, Kinetic Object is a pair of fabric-clad fluted columns that draw visual cues from industrial circular knitting machines. While initially static, the columns come to life when approached: each broken into a series of vertically stacked textile sections, which spin independently at varying speeds and in different directions. Every time the viewer draws near, a new randomly generated visual effect is created as the textiles whirl and reshape through the air.

The columns are comprised of Kvadrat Febrik’s Plecto, Gentle 2 and Drop textiles, assembled in a variety of colours. Petaloti and Trampoukis chose each colour to appear only once and in complementing shades, celebrating the range and plurality of the Kvadrat Febrik collection.

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