Conversation Series

By Adam Goodrum Studio

Victorian-era couches and textile colour books collide in Conversation Series, a seating collection developed by the Australian designer Adam Goodrum.

Goodrum created a group of interlocking seats that allow for quiet discussion between sitters for the for Knit! project. The work, which Goodrum named Conversation Series, is inspired by Victorian love seats but owes its distinctive overlapping coloured upholstery to the aesthetic of fabric sample books. Different shades of Kvadrat Febrik’s Gentle 2 run into one another, creating a richly hued skin that is further enlivened by the three- dimensionality and texture of the knit.

Goodrum’s designs are intended to enable easy conversation, with Kvadrat Febrik textiles playing a key role in this interaction. The sensory appeal of the knitted textiles lends a softness and opulence to a design that is welcoming and comforting.

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